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Thank you for your interest in Mississippi Youth & Government! To put it simply, Youth and Government Programs offer Junior High and High School students the opportunity to learn about State, National, and Global governments through hands-on, participatory experiences. Through participation in model government sessions, students take over the roles of our government officials and learn first hand the policies and procedures used to govern our world! Mississippi Youth & Government programs strive to teach the importance of civic engagement and responsible citizenship to the youth of today so that they will develop into the responsible leaders of tomorrow. In Mississippi Youth & Government we believe that

“Democracy Must Be Learned By Each Generation”. 

The Mississippi Youth & Government Program is an excellent opportunity for any Mississippi student that is interested in governmental affairs. The Mississippi Youth & Government Start-Up Manual will walk you though the process of getting your student involved in the Mississippi Youth & Government experience! If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Lay at (601) 500-9978 or email

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